I have worked professionally in Information Security since 2007. I hold a Master's degree in Information Security and am CREST (CCT) Certified. My current role as Technical Director involves managing a technical team, including strong involvement in improving the technical capability of the team as well as expanding the service offerings of the company.

I have a large amount of experience in public speaking; speaking regularly on a range of topics such as driving security improvement through testing.

Current Position

Technical Director
February 2019 - Current

My current role involves management of a team of penetration testers which varies in experience from junior to senior and includes those working from the office and remotely. The main requirement here is mentoring of junior consultants to enable them to develop their own capability and day-to-day management of the wider team.

Service development involves expanding the list of core competencies offered by the organisation. This can be improvements to current services offered or entirely new service lines (including methodologies, descriptions, and delivery). For example, expanding on the hardware hacking capability and developing a cyber strategy capability (vCISO and Security Advisory services).

I'm experienced in a range of penetration testing, from internal infrastructure assessments, to web applications, and hardware device assessments; to enable this I retain the CREST CCT-App certification, which I have held since 2015.

Academic Experience

MSc Information Security and Privacy (Distinction), Cardiff University
I completed my MSc at Cardiff University between September 2012 and September 2013 and scored a Distinction in every single module of the programme.

Master of Business Administration (MBA), In progress
I currently completing my second Master's degree, a Master of Business Administration.

Professional Certifications

CREST Certified Tester - CCT-APP, 2015 - Present
CREST Registered Tester - CRT, 2014 - Present
CompTIA PenTest+, 2018 - Present
CompTIA Security+, 2018 - Present
PCI ASV Certified, 2018 - Present

Previous Positions

Penetration Testing, Team Lead
Sept 2013 to Feb 2019, 5 years 6 months

Sept 2012 to Sept 2013 - Cardiff University, MSc in Information Security and Privacy

Network Security Engineer, Contract
Jul 2012 to Sept 2012, 5 years 6 months

Site Security Officer / Site System Manager
Feb 2007 to Jul 2012, 5 years 6 months